Uncertainty at Work

I don’t know about you, but life right now feels very uncertain.

There are too many decisions to make, and too many unknowns.

My kids ask about what we’re doing in the afternoon, or tomorrow, and I feel frozen because I CANT MAKE ANOTHER DECISION.

But we can’t exist in this state forever.

It’s not healthy, and frankly it requires too much thought and energy.

I am trying to ‘flip the scrip’ right now in every area of my life.

Instead of focusing on the intensely negative, I’m going to neutral or positive.

This is not false positivity, by the way. Pretending that everything is sunshine and roses doesn’t make it true.

And it’s also SUPER unhealthy to pretend that everything is FINE.

By flip the script, I mean that I’m trying to change my perspective and approach to see if things could be more positive.

For example: my daughters have been stressed out about what school is going to look like this year. At the time, with less than a week before school started, I STILL didn’t really know what to tell them.

Which doesn’t make me feel all that good, either.

However, we started focusing on what we DO know.

In this case, because the girls are going to be going to school virtually, we talked about that we know they won’t eat lunch in the cafeteria.

After a few minutes, things like, “yeah, we won’t have to eat a peanut butter sandwich EVERY DAY” and “we can eat outside” and “mom gets to eat lunch with us (I couldn’t make it to have lunch with them at school…)”.

It’s not perfect.

None of this is.

But focusing on what you DO KNOW can make you feel like you have some control.

Or some power in the outcome of what’s happening.

And right now, SOME power is a pretty powerful thing.

Think about what you know.

What do you know about things at work?

What can you count on happening?

What do you know to be true about yourself or your situation?

Another way to look at this is to think about your priorities.

What are your priorities?

What are your values?

What are your guiding principles?

Maybe these are the only things that you know right now, but that’s ok.

Reminding yourself of what guides you can be another powerful reminder, even it those are the only things that you know for certain right now.

Start writing things down.

When you write down your list, it gets the information out of your brain – and this is especially helpful if you’re feeling scrambled right now, like me.

When you write your thoughts down, you can start to process organize, and see where you can take action.

Or see where you need to let shit go – whether that’s people, expectations, etc.

Now is the time to start getting rid of the things that are no longer helping you – and focus your limited energy on the things that ARE making a positive impact on your life – whether that’s at work or at home.

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Remember to take a deep breathe.

Times are weird, my friends.

Be kind to yourselves and each other.

You are stronger, braver, and capable of so much more than you realize…don’t forget it.

Keep rocking and I’ll see you back here soon!

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