Conflict Actually IS All Around

Conflict Actually IS All Around

One of my favorite holiday movies is the cinematic classic “Love Actually”. I love it for so many reasons, but the opening scene in the airport gets me every time. I do have a soft-spot for CRM – as my daughter calls them, “cheesy romantic movies.”

As footage of people embracing each other in an airport rolls, Hugh Grant narrates the scene talking about the importance of love, and how love is, in fact, all around us.


Here’s the thing. Love IS all around us.

But so is conflict. Especially during the holiday seasons.

We totally-absolutely-love people, but they also can drive us bat-shit crazy.

And stressed-out people show up to work crabby, emotionally on empty, and not exactly at their best.

AND, this was true BEFORE we were in the midst of a pandemic.

(Blink. Blink.)

(Deep breathe.)

So, do yourself a favor. Think of it as a gift to yourself.

Check out these tips for handling conflict, whether with your co-workers, some challenging clients, or your extended family.

These strategies will work with all parties.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the conflict all around you, take it ONE conflict at a time.

This doesn’t mean that they know everything.

Pick one specific situation. Work on a resolution.

Then start on the next one.

The more you practice these strategies, the easier they get.

Your peace of mind – and having energy to focus on the best parts of the holiday season – will be your reward.

It may not be the shiniest or sexiest gift out there, but it will last you well beyond the holiday seasons, and continue to give you energy to put towards the things and people in your life that matter most to you.

And that’s a pretty great gift that money cannot buy.

Click here for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the SOLVING CONFLICT – ON STEROIDS. This guide has step-by-step suggestions for resolving conflict, as well as links to short (2-4 minute) videos to watch. All the information is in ONE spot that you can refer back to later.


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