Clear The Mental Fog & Be Proactive

Have you had a REACTIVE morning like this?

You get a phone call from home while you are driving into work because someone can’t find the right socks…and you flip immediately into crisis management.

While you’re walking into work, you see all of your employees on their phones instead of actually doing their work. You decide not to deal with it because it’s just too early.

When you finally sit down at your desk and you open your email and you have an email from a client, who is really upset about some organizational policy that you’ve decided to implement.

Has that happened to you? Yeah, not very fun at all.

It’s REALLY difficult to keep yourself motivated – and to motivate other people – when this is the kind of stuff you’re dealing with.

This is particularly challenging because you are having to be REACTIVE when it would be infinitely more helpful to BE PROACTIVE.

So, what should you do to FLIP the scenario?

Remember Your Priorities

Take a deep breath and think about (or revisit!) what your priorities and goals are.

You might need to shut your door for a little bit to do this, but it’s really important to remember what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Clear the Mental Fog & Get Laser-Focused

Clear the mental fog and focus on those goals – rather than letting yourself get distracted by all the other things that might be rolling.

Don’t forget to look at how you are spending your time!

I used to try to get maybe four or five things done in a day, and now I am down to just one or two things.

Ask yourself: what is the most important thing that needs to happen today? I try to figure this out before going into work so that I know what I have to get done…rather than sort of being distracted by all the things that feel so urgent on top of all the other emotions that I’m trying to balance.

Also know: this is what has been working for me, but everybody’s different. You might have to try a few different things before you find the system that works best for you. Give yourself the time and space to figure it out.

Deal With Conflict

Don’t just let things eat at you or be upset or pretend the conflict will resolve itself.

For example, I can pretend that everybody’s not on their phone and that the problem will just go away.

We all know, though, it’s not going to magically resolve itself.

It’s going to take time and patience — and a strategy. Dealing with conflict can be scary at first, but the longer you wait to address the issue, the more STRESS the situation will cause YOU. Not the other person.

Be kind to yourself and say something.


Nobody’s perfect.

Nobody knows everything.

Remember that times are really, really weird, but take a deep breath and know that everything that you need is inside of you. You will be able to get through this, one step at a time.

Keep rocking and I look forward to connecting with you here soon.

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