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Be a Bright Light: Our Community Needs You!

| January 25, 2021

A mentor once likened me to “Tigger” from Winnie the Pooh because we share the same boundless energy and enthusiasm. And, to be frank, a sometimes-insatiable curiosity that can, on occasion, lead to trouble. I’ve brought that version of myself to every job that I’ve ever had, at least in the beginning. But in just […]

Mindset Change = BIG Impacts

| January 15, 2021

Imagine sitting in a meeting, knowing the answer to the problem that everyone in the room is trying to solve. Imagine that you have your hand in the air, waving around, jumping up and down in your chair, but everyone ignores you. You try to start talking, but nothing comes out. Sounds like a nightmare? […]

5 Hacks to Stop Time-Wasters In Their Tracks

| January 11, 2021

Someone showing up 15 minutes late to a 30-minute schedule meeting and expecting to still get 30 minutes of your time. Someone talking off-topic for 10 minutes in a 30-minute meeting. No one seeming to be interested in the meeting’s content: lots of blank stares and kinda-subtle phone checking. UGH. Most people LOATHE and DESPISE […]