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Regular meetings save YOU headaches in the long run!

| September 20, 2021

Does it seem sometimes that great workplace relationships happen magically? And for everyone other than you? Sometimes when you’re working with an experienced employee, they just ‘know’ from their experience: “This is when I need to really check in with my manager on.” Or, “These are things I can just sort of do and I […]

Reader Question: Hey, Emily! You talk all the time about setting expectations. I get they are important. But HOW do I actually set expectations?

| September 13, 2021

GREAT question! Setting expectations is a challenge. But it’s worth the effort, I promise. First, be really, brutally, painfully honest about what you need and what you want from others. If you’ve got an on-going relationship, talk about what’s working — and what’s not — and then also be honest in your feedback. As your […]