Helping professionals gain sanity and balance by becoming better leaders.

Do you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day from all the things you’re trying to keep track of with your team?

Do you feel like you are spending too much time micromanaging members of your team instead of leading them?

There’s a better way. You shouldn’t feel like you have to take everything on yourself, and that work is draining your life and sanity.

I help business leaders and aspiring leaders escape the grind and find the freedom to lead their teams for better work-life balance, success, and growth. What I’ll teach you in my courses and 1 on 1 training are the techniques I’ve been using and refining for years with my students in my former life as a college professor, and with my professional clients.

I understand how difficult it is to find balance in life, and I want to give you the tools you need to better empower yourself as a leader at work, and to clear your mental space to be more present in your personal life.

Businesses are fine at training managers, but they really struggle in defining and creating true leadership. For your professional development, and for your team, growing as a leader will help you find more success.

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Learning with Emily

With nearly 10 years of experience both as a manager and a university-level educator, Emily decided to share what she had learned with other business leaders. Bright Business Consulting can help you unlock your limitless leadership potential.

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My Story

Years ago, I went back to graduate school while teaching full-time, balancing full-time work with a partner and little ones at home. While others wondered if I was some kind of Super-Woman, I worked to set goals, commit to making a change, and stay determined. It’s pretty amazing what you can accomplish. All of this was made possible by the incredible community of people that supported me professionally and at home.

Through doing this I developed my unique systems to help any working professional find that work-life balance. This sense of community is how I approach my work: everyone has experience and expertise to bring to the table. My job is to facilitate the process so that we can learn from each other. I truly believe that we are all better off when we collaborate and work together.

My goal is to be a part of the professional community that supports YOU in achieving your
aspirations, whatever they may be. Let’s get started!